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Since we realise the importance of an individual approach to every customer, we make every effort to improve our services. We are ready to advise and recommend the most suitable technical solution with respect to financial aspects.


imgWe perform tensile tests with the use of high-quality instruments, each accompanied with a test certificate. This service, provided within two days, is free for our customers. The instruments used for the tests are calibrated and certified annually.

We provide reinforcement drawings with an official stamp and cooperate with an expert firm working in the construction industry.

We deliver products the next day to a specified place, also at weekends if necessary. To make the delivery faster, you can collect the products personally in our warehouses in OstravA, BrnO, PraGUE and ChocEN.

We are able to provide material delivery in the Private Label. Potential complaints are dealt with immediately.



Files for downloading. Instruction manuals, procedures, special offers, leaflets, parameter tables, and other files. Documents are regularly updated. If a new document is added for downloading or an important update of any of the documents is available, we will inform you in the NEWS section.



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